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About Us


“Be your own role model” with Cole by Succor Boutique. A fashion lover and an extreme fashion enthusiast, I am a proud young black female entrepreneur who believes in setting trends, rather than following them!

 Though a professional licensed social worker for the past 7 years, through Cole by Succor Boutique I ensure that people have access to the best and latest fashion without having to make a hole in their pockets!

 My love for fashion has inspired me to become an entrepreneur and made me realize that I can do good in business too. But then having a passion for helping people drove me to providing everybody a chance to make a fashion statement without letting their economic status come in the way. My passion for lending a hand to people helped me create a blissful balance between cost and fashion and thus, Cole by Succor Boutique makes you a trend setter.

 My darling husband and me have two beautiful daughters and we are bringing them up with the same ideology of not letting the world dictate your thoughts and actions. After witnessing the magic of pushing yourself personally, I make sure my girls never let the boundaries in their minds stop them from exploring life.

 Through my brand I encourage people to live and admire life. Fashion is not just about decorating your body with good garments, rather it is about setting your soul ablaze by wearing confidence in the form clothes!

 Cole by Succor Boutique is redefining fashion!